Health is not a four-letter word!

enough already

You’ve tried every diet under the sun without reaping the benefits you so desperately desire, right? If you’ve succumbed to just about every product promise available without seeing results, its may be time for a natural, simple and sustainable solution—one that will help you lose the excess weight and support a healthy lifestyle.

Diet ads and commercial products are a multibillion dollar industry. The problem is that most diets don’t work long-term. There is no quick fix to weight loss. Gimmicky products and absurd, dangerous, fad weight-loss programs are not the answer. In order to achieve lifestyle goals, you must be ready, willing and committed to making sustainable changes. Once you get started and begin to see amazing results, your confidence will soar.

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The Sound of Music — Your Healing Remedy

Soften your day and soothe your senses with music.

sound of musicSounds play an integral part of our daily lives and can affect our health. Sounds can inspire, uplift, and lighten our burdens or they can aggravate, stress and negatively alter our moods. Although you can’t always control discordant sounds and experiences, you can manage the effect they have on your body, mind and spirit. How? Neutralize the assault on your senses by queuing up your defense with favorite tunes.

The best anecdote for dissonance is music. Music has the power to restore harmony and balance to your life and bring you joy. And there are many definitions for music. Simply, music can be defined as an agreeable sound, vocal or instrumental, that produces beauty and harmony. Of course, beauty and harmony are subjective terms. As conductor of your symphony, you have full control of the baton.

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Native Essential Oils and the Sedona Vortex

Merriam Webster defines essential oil as “a class of volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odors and are used specially in perfumes and flavorings, and for aromatherapy.” Plant parts have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. And today, essential oils are growing in popularity.

What’s your favorite essential oil? Lavender? Rosemary? Frankincense? Did you know that distilling essential oils is considered an art and a science? Take a look at the label on your bottle. You may not be able to tell, but the oils in the blend you’re holding were birthed at a distillery!

Visiting PhiBee 

sedona 8Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet with Clare Licher, essential oil distiller and co-owner of PhiBee Aromatics, in her delightfully fragrant Sedona, Arizona studio.

I’m a student at Aromahead Institute, an aromatherapy certification program, and PhiBee Aromatics is highlighted in our curriculum resources.  Since I had planned to be in the Scottsdale area for a business conference, I was thrilled that Clare was able to accommodate my schedule. But I almost cancelled my appointment…

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Help! I want out of this relationship!

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side…”

way out

Can you identify with the above lyrics from Gloria Gaynor’s song, “I Will Survive”? How long have you been promising to extricate yourself from your current toxic relationship? One year? Five years? A decade or more?

This may be a tough question but one that needs to be asked: WHY? Why do you stay? Perhaps you’re attracted to excuses. They’re convenient and familiar. What have you been telling yourself? You know, thoughts and words bring things into existence. Although you say you want to be free, your actions indicate that you’ve grown accustomed to the yoke choking this debilitating union. After all, accepting responsibility takes grit. Perhaps it seems easier to complain and just accept things the way they are.

But you’re deteriorating. You’re not living up to your creative potential. You could be flourishing. And you call this love? The truth of the matter is, YOU haven’t collected the strength or courage necessary to stand up for what’s best for you. Ultimately, strength, courage and commitment are required to release a destructive relationship.

Enough! You know your situation is not serving your best interests. What’s your plan? Be brave. The time is right…now! Say it! Do it! Go ahead…

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What did you get for Christmas?

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

return your giftChildren often ask each other, “What did you get for Christmas?” Many are eager to share the contents of umpteen packages under the tree displaying their names. Others may reveal their fantasy list as actual items received or how much mac ‘n cheese or slices of cake they ate.

The most thoughtful, however, realize that the holiday season is about more than the wrapped presents, feasting and excess. Giving and receiving those precious unwrapped and unexpected gifts that can’t be bought represent the real magic of Christmas.

The big red bow of the season is love, gratitude and presence. Being present to the most brilliant gems of life: love, peace, joy, health, Truth, family, friends, warm memories, beauty in nature, and God expressing through us.

What did I get this joyous Noel? Many of the things I’ve been praying for and some delightful surprises…

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“Junk Food Junkie No More” Performance Reflections

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

Heartfelt Gratitude 

jfjnm-thanksThanks to our amazing team, my play for youth, Junk Food Junkie No More, was performed on August 14, by a group of students attending a summer program at New Mission Temple C.O.G.I.C. JFJNM is an educational piece encouraging young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With childhood obesity and preventable childhood diseases on the rise, JFJNM serves as a creative tool for initiating an honest discussion about our health crisis. Awareness and education are the first steps to sustainable change.

We ceased the grease and nipped the chips and took the cookies off our hips…”

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Protect Your Health Assets: Recipes and Personal Benefits for Orenda’s Ten-day Cleanse, Part Three of Three

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

Tape Measure Veg

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!”—Author Unknown

Intention—integrity—commitment. Can you identify with these powerful words? How long have you been promising yourself to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Don’t wait until you have no choice. Today is the day to begin investing in your health. Set your intention on accomplishing your health goals and keep your word! Make a commitment now! Expect positive results!

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Protect Your Health Assets: Preparing for Orenda’s Ten-day Cleanse, Part Two of Three

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

prepare-for-new-adventure“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”—Lao Tzu

NOTHING substitutes for a healthy lifestyle! However, if you’ve succumbed to just about every product promise available without reaping desired results, it may be time for a simple solution—one that will help you lose the excess weight and protect your health assets.

Clean Burn Shape is Orenda International’s complete detoxification and weight- loss program. The first step is the ten-day cleanse, designed to place you on the road to better health!

The Ten-day Cleanse Adventure

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Protect Your Health Assets: Intro to Orenda’s Ten-day Cleanse, Part One of Three

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

Fresh StartHow have you been feeling lately? When was the last time you reviewed your health assets? It may be time to reinvest in a new wellness plan.

In order to live the life you love, you must protect your health assets!

I hear you. I see you. Standing there with your hand on your hip declaring that you’ve decided to accept your health challenges. Really? Are you satisfied with the way you look and feel? Now listen up—and don’t get offended. Orenda International, a nutritional supplement company that’s on the leading edge of natural health, will help redistribute your ass-sets so you not only will you look amazing, you will also feel fantastic!

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Health Coach’s Secret Revealed: How I Lost Those Few Stubborn Pounds

Aha Moments: A Few Reflections on Wellness

Health Coach SecretWe are not the same as we were yesterday. Because our lives are constantly changing and because we are forever evolving, it makes sense that we periodically reevaluate our lifestyle to ensure that it continues to serve us and bring us desired results.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”—John C. Maxwell

As a holistic health and wellness coach, I have been consistent in following a healthy routine: eating a mostly plant-based diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a strong spiritual practice, and balancing career and social life. Although my weight is within the healthy range and has been stable for the last few years, I have secretly wanted to drop a few extra pounds. I knew that releasing those last, stubborn, 7 pounds would elevate me to a new level.

With the demands of launching my business, Lifestyle 120, last year, I felt challenged to initiate change, but was convinced it was necessary in order to achieve the level of personal growth I was seeking. It was time to set my intention on a lifestyle shift. But how does one begin to make adjustments to an already healthy regimen? I spent some time reflecting on my goal and devised a plan that I’d like to share with you—6 simple steps that improved my performance and helped me melt off the weight.

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