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May 2015   

May greetings friends!

As Nourishing News enters its fifth month, I want to express my appreciation for your continued support and blessings.  New subscribers can access past blogs and newsletters by clicking here.  As always, please share my love and light with family and friends.

May is a prolific month, full of excitement and celebration.  As we peel off excess layers from the last few months, we can truly prepare ourselves for expansion.  Check in with yourself to determine how you can dance to the beat of the season.


Feminine Empowerment

In keeping with the theme for this month, let’s honor the strong, courageous women who have enriched our lives.  Of course, once this month is over, you don’t have to wait until next May to express your gratitude.  Find ways to celebrate these special women often!  And find ways to celebrate your amazing self.  You possess the power to create the life you desire.


Visualize Your Goals Already Accomplished

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”—Helen Keller

I attended an interesting women’s business presentation a few weeks ago that highlighted the use of vision boards and the power of creative visualization.  Many of you may be familiar with the classic title in this genre, Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain, bestselling author and pioneer in the field.  I was so moved by the discussion that I went home and dusted off the old copy from my personal growth collection.  I was reminded how relevant the tenets are today. 

• Set your goal.

• Create a clear picture.

• Focus on it often.

• Give it positive energy.

 These steps can be applied to the goals you established earlier this year.  Thoughts precede manifestation.  You can use the power of imagery to create what you want to experience in your life.  Can you visualize your dream?  If you can see it, you can achieve it!

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual sadness.”—Shakti Gawain

Creative visualization uses imagination and positive thinking to create success. Click here to read Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.  

 Shakti Gawain explains how to work with creative imagery during an interview on YouTube.  Click here to watch.

 The vision board is another fun and creative tool that can assist you in maintaining focus on a specific health goal.  The visuals can help you concentrate on your desired outcome.

 A third empowering technique for achieving your health goal is to write your goal in the present tense as if you already accomplished it.

 A variety of tools can help you succeed.  Step forward today. 


Hail the Mighty Turtle!

 “Slow and steady wins the race.”—Proverb

Another point of discussion at the women’s business meeting was turtle lore.  Remember the popular Aesop fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”?  I was inspired to delve deeper into the significance of this fascinating creature.  Turtle symbolism abounds in world mythology.  Some common portrayals include feminine empowerment, fertility, strength, determination, ingenuity, adaptability, creation, endurance and more.  Can you think of someone who exemplifies these characteristics?  You possess many of these qualities as well. 

 I’ll talk a little more about this subject in an upcoming blog post, “Stick Your Neck Out.”

 As stated in previous newsletters, change does not happen overnight.  In order to experience the change you desire, you must make the first move.  But don’t be in a rush.  Good health is a lifelong process.  One must be committed.  As the proverb suggests, begin slowly and work steadily.  With patience, diligence and faith, you will get there!

How are you doing with your 2015 intentions?  Do you require support with your wellness goals?  Schedule a FREE breakthrough session with me this week. Click here for an appointment.


These Feet Were Made for Walking 

Whole health is about eating nourishing foods, nurturing healthy relationships, developing spirituality, engaging in rewarding work and incorporating physical fitness into our daily schedule. 

 What has your exercise program been like over the last few months?  Perhaps it’s time for a change or maybe it’s time to begin to build consistency into your current routine.

 I was raised in Southern California where nature walks and hikes could be enjoyed year-round.  However, Chicago-area living limits this sport to 7-8 months out of the year (if we’re lucky).  Of course, one can chose to stroll indoor tracks, shopping malls or the treadmill at the gym.  However, nothing compares to walking outdoors.  I miss my power walks during the winter, and spring offers an opportunity to get my 3-mile trek back on.

 Walk Your Way to Better Health

Is exercise one of your priorities?  If you enjoy walking, now is the time to get started.  If you haven’t thought too much about this moderate form of physical fitness, I’d like to encourage you to put on your walking shoes and get out and enjoy the scenery while the season is in full bloom.  For more inspiration, see this week’s blog post, "Walking Unencumbered."

 Walking regularly can provide the following impressive health benefits:   

• Improves heart health

• Reduces risk of disease

• Improves blood pressure and blood sugar

• Improves mental clarity

• Keeps weight in check

• Tones the body   


Mix It Up

With a little forethought, walking can be a full-body workout.  If you’re planning to incorporate walking into your weekly routine, consider stepping out three or more times per week.  If you are just trying it on for size, begin with 20-30 minutes; then build from there.  Remember, walking benefits the body, mind and spirit. 

 Tips for getting the best out of a walking workout:

1.  Bump it up a notch.  Challenge yourself to work a little harder and sweat a little      more.  Begin by walking at a moderate speed.  Alternate your regular speed by walking three times faster for several blocks, then return to your moderate speed.  Repeat several times.

2.  Zip your tummy.  Holding in your abdominal muscles during your walk will help tone your stomach.

3.  Hold your arms at a comfortable level and move them back and forth to the rhythm of your steps.

4.  Don’t be too serious.  Have fun!

5.  Check your posture.  Walk like you own it.  Swing it baby!

6.  Breathe! 

7.  Allow time to cool down during the last block before returning home.

 May is National Stoke Awareness Month.  According to Dr. William W. Ashley, neurosurgeon at Loyola University Medical Center, stroke is a disease we can prevent.

 Decrease your risk of stroke by making long-term lifestyle changes.  One change can be making physical activity a part of your daily regime.  Take a walk!


Nutritious Nuggets 

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Sip the Garden 

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Upcoming Events 

My first book signing is scheduled for June 13 at Oasis, a women's fitness facility in LaGrange Park, IL.  Click here to find out more.


Your Space  

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Consider this: 

“For, in a certain sense, we are all mothers giving birth to new thought, new ideas and new events.  And why should we doubt that the same creative Power which prepares the mother to give birth to her baby will not also prepare us, physically and mentally, to give birth to new experience?”—Dr. Ernest Holmes, from “A Holmes Reader for All Seasons”

Love, peace and health,

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