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June 2015   

June greetings friends!

My how time flies!  It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through 2015.  As we approach the mid-year mark, I hope things are going well for you.  As I reflect on the challenges, surprises and accomplishments during the past six months, I feel incredibly blessed for my experiences.  We must celebrate often, so please join me in celebrating six months of Nourishing News.  I appreciate your support and positive feedback.  Please continue to share my love and light with family and friends.  Click here to visit Lifestyle 120.


Men Who Inspire

Last month, we paid tribute to the strong, courageous women who have enriched our lives.  Please continue to honor these phenomenal individuals.  This month, let’s shine the light on the male mentors we have come to know over the years:  fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, spouses, teachers, and friends.  In the spirit of thanksgiving, create new ways to express your gratitude for those who have provided you support, wisdom and guidance.  Send a card, make a phone call, prepare a favorite recipe, schedule an outing, or spend quality time.

 A Father’s Perspective

It’s in a father’s nature to guide, protect and desire the best for his family.  Some may not have been viewed as ideal, but most did the best they knew how at the time.  Do you recall significant events of strength and triumph?  Share with others memories of your special male role models, past or present.  Appreciate, cherish and embrace the men you love throughout the year!

 It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.” --Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."--Martin Luther King, Jr.


Summer Play List:  Health and Safety First 

The summer months are great for outdoor activities.  As you plan vacations and outings with family and friends, always consider health and safety first. 

When traveling, keep your immune system healthy by drinking plenty water, getting proper rest and taking ginger.

Ginger has superior anti-inflammatory properties.  It is also widely used for motion sickness, nausea and upset stomach.  Fresh ginger root, a versatile culinary spice, is a trusted kitchen staple.  However, traveling necessitates an alternative to fresh ginger. 

Ginger tea bags and chewable ginger tablets are practical and easy to pack.  Avoid brands that contain lots of sugar.  Solaray Ginger Trips, a personal favorite, has been a reliable travel companion for several years. 

As you are lining up favorite songs on your summer playlist, pay special attention to your health list as well.  Plan ahead, take extra safety precautions, then go play in the summer sun.


How are you doing with your 2015 intentions?  Do you require support with your wellness goals?  Schedule a FREE breakthrough session with me this week.  Click here for an appointment.


Nutritious Nuggets 

Watermelon is good for more than slicing into wedges for the neighborhood picnic.  This seasonal delight is packed with nutrition and can be the main ingredient in fresh, cool recipes.  Get Chunky Watermelon Cucumber Soup recipe by clicking here.




Sip the Garden 

I am very excited about my first book, Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family, that was released in April.  Are you looking for a unique graduation, wedding, anniversary, or summer birthday gift? Sip the Garden may be the perfect choice.  Give a gift of health.  Click here to find out more.


Upcoming Events 

Due to a power failure in the area, my first book signing and tasting has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 11, at Oasis Women’s Fitness & Spa in LaGrange Park, IL.  Click here to find out more.


Future Mailings

Watch for the following mailings over the next few weeks:  What a Milestone!, The Ageless Grace® Solution, Weigh Your Glass, and Standing at the Helm.


Your Space  

Do you have specific concerns?  What wellness topics would you like to see addressed in future mailings?  What are some of your biggest challenges concerning health and happiness?  Please take a moment to share your thoughts and interests by clicking on the Connect Tab.

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Consider This 

In the northern hemisphere, summer solstice occurs around the third week in June each year and marks the first day of summer.  Rituals celebrating summer solstice, the longest day and shortest night, date back to ancient times.  After summer solstice, each day becomes shorter and reminds us just how precious every minute, every day, every season, every year is.  Life is precious!  Cherish each moment.

Love, peace and health,

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