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Summer 2017  

Summer greetings, friends!

 Is it summer already?  These months seem to be sprinting by faster than Florence Griffith-Joyner!  I pray that all is well with you and your family and that your gaze is fixed on enjoying some fun in the sun.  You are very special—thanks for being a loyal subscriber.  If you know someone who can benefit from our health news, as always, please share the love and light.  Click here to visit the Lifestyle 120 website.


What are your plans for Tuesday, June 20?  Mark your calendar to celebrate summer solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Need ideas for how to honor this occasion?  How about 20?

Summer Play List


• Plan a picnic by a rushing stream.

• Plant flowers for those who are shut in.

• Sponsor a swim-and-splash party.

• Prepare a nutritious dish to share with others.

• Create a flower garland and wear it all day.

• Sign up for an arts and crafts class.

• Visit a new beach, and sink your feet in the warm sand.

• Redecorate a room in your home with vibrant colors.

• Diffuse essential oils.  Lemon and peppermint are bright and refreshing!

• Read a book to the young folks in your life.  The Longest Day:  Celebrating the Summer Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer and The Summer Solstice by Ellen Jackson are great choices!

• Visit a local farmers’ market for seasonal produce.

• Go for walk in the forest and commune with the natural wonders.

• Recommit to your 2017 health goals.

• Establish an intention for beginning something new and exciting.

• Sign up for a dance or tai chi class.

• Attend an outdoor concert in a neighboring community.

• Visit a botanical garden in your area.

• Pack a small bag and take a short road trip.

• Say yes to initiating a sustainable lifestyle change.  Whoo hoo!  Call me on this one.

• Now that you’ve reviewed the list, you probably have more ideas…

Of course, you can delight in any of the above activities throughout this abundant season—not only on June 20!  Heal your body, mind and spirit this summer with your own creative to-do list.  Enjoy!

It can be challenging to create and activate a lifestyle plan that’s tailored to your individual needs.  That’s my specialty!  As your holistic health and wellness professional, I am ready to support you on your wellness walk.  Schedule a complementary breakthrough session with me this week.  Click here to make an appointment.


Health & Safety

As you plan your summer outings and vacations, keep health and safety at the top of the list.  Here are ten reminders:

• Avoid stress—plan ahead!

• Remain hydrated—carry a bottle of water with you.

• Take breaks.

• Pack essential items that may not be available at your destination.

• Avoid overconsumption of alcohol and sweet treats.

• Eat small, balanced meals that include fresh vegetables.

• Get plenty of sleep.

• Pack multiple layers of clothing for changes in temperature.

• If you will be frolicking in the sun for an extended period of time, wear protective clothing, sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim.  Read “Sun Safety Tips” by Environmental Working Group (EWG) for more information.  Click here to review the article.

• You can’t take your refrigerator with you when traveling, but it’s important to keep your immune system strong.  Ginger has superior anti-inflammatory properties.  It is also widely used for motion sickness, nausea and upset stomach.  Fresh ginger is best, but consider alternative forms when traveling.  Packing ginger tea bags or Ginger Trips by Solaray will help provide support.  And Orenda Immune, taken every day of the year, will regularly boost your immune system.  Find out more about Orenda here.  


Nutritious Nuggets


Chunky Watermelon Cucumber Soup

Chunky Watermelon Cucumber Soup, a previously-posted recipe, will help you stay cool.  This seasonal delight is packed with nutrition and can be the main focus of a summer gathering.  Get recipe here.

Go Ape for Grapes!

Did you know that grapes contain potent antioxidants?  Instead of reaching for the cupcake or candy bar, satisfy your sweet tooth with a small bunch of grapes.  Discover more reasons to enjoy grapes in the following article: “What role does resveratrol play in the health benefits provided by grapes?”  Click here to review the article.

Root for the Roots!

Jicama is packed with vitamins and fiber.  If you’re tired of the same, boring salad, spice up your meal with Sweet ‘N Spicy Jicama Parsnip Slaw.  Get new recipe here. 


Take a sip from the rainbow! 

Wondering what gift to give at upcoming celebrations this summer?  Consider presenting a gift of health.  Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family, my yummy recipe collection, is just a click away.  Click here for more information.



Do you want to feel your best during the summer months?  Begin with a detox.  Cleansing your system will help you feel fresh and alive.   Orenda’s complete detoxification and weight-loss program, Clean Burn Shape, will provide you with the new beginning you’ve been craving.  Simple and easy!  And enjoy plenty of nourishing food options while cleansing!  Click here to find out more and to review my ten-day cleanse series.  Also, I’ll be happy to review other Orenda products that can support your health for life.


Ongoing Events 

Join me for a one-hour Ageless Grace session.  I am having tons of fun teaching Ageless Grace, a fitness program for the body and brain, to a lively group at the Naperville Park District every Thursday.  Do you live in the area and want to sign up for the summer session?  Find out more here.

Future Mailings

Watch for Lifestyle 120 blog posts, “Aha Moments:  A Few Reflections on Wellness,” throughout the months of June, July and August.


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Consider This 

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”—George Washington Carver

 What is your greatest vision for your life?  Align yourself with this vision and remain committed.  Life will supply the reward.

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