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January 2015   


Happy New Year, friends!   

Since January is typically associated with new beginnings, I chose the first month of the year to launch the Lifestyle 120 website, www.lifestyle120.com.  As most of you know, I completed my holistic health coaching certification in October 2014 and am excited about my new career--helping others achieve their wellness goals.  Please join me in a virtual toast!  There are many components to the website, one of which is the newsletter.  Welcome to the first issue of Lifestyle 120 Nourishing News, our official newsletter.  We will be covering topics that relate to all aspects of a healthy, balanced life.  Please help spread the word.  Now, let’s focus on you and your intentions for 2015!


During January, take time to turn within, quiet yourself and begin anew.



Ditch The New Year’s Resolution List 

Do you have your New Year’s self improvement list prepared, pen poised and ready to check off each item?  What?  It’s only a few weeks into the year and you are already getting discouraged?  That list may not be serving you.  Ditch the New Year’s resolution list and focus on ONE goal at a time.  A lengthy list can be overwhelming and set you up for disappointments.   Enter 2015 prepared to thrive by designing your stage for positive results.  Focus your intentions on ONE self-improvement or wellness goal and visualize your success. 


Add instead of subtract.  Let’s face it, most health resolutions relate to deprivation.  For example, stop eating all your favorite foods in order to lose weight.  How long will that last?  Instead of taking away, consider adding to your daily regime.  If your plan is to improve your health or lose weight, break that down into small manageable steps and devise a plan that will add a variety of healthy choices. 


For example, if you want to cut back on soda, start drinking more water.  Begin in January by drinking 4 glasses of water per day.  When that becomes habit, add another glass, and so on.  Eventually, you will choke off the soda, which will help improve your health.  You could be up to 8 glasses of water in no time. 


If you are focusing on getting in shape, begin with 10 minutes of morning stretches and warm-ups for the first few weeks.  Once you establish a routine of movement, add on walking twice each week, one fitness class, and so on…  You will be amazed by your progress at the end of the year.  By December 2015, you may have dropped some excess weight, feel better in your skin, and enjoy more energy!


One of my intentions for 2015 is to become a master masticator.  One step that will support my goal is to double up on my chewing.  By scheduling more time to enjoy my food, taking smaller bites and masticating longer, I hope to improve digestion and become fuller faster.


When it comes to health, what is important to you?  Begin by focusing on the number one most urgent concern and move forward.  Remember, you create your own wellness map.


The following steps may help get you where you want to go:


Seven-Steps To Goal Management  

1.  Think one small self-improvement step at a time. 

2.  Prepare a daily affirmation for the small step. 

3.  Keep your promise to yourself by taking action each day. 

4.  Evaluate your success daily/weekly. 

5.  Enlist support from friends/relatives. 

6.  Keep a journal/record of your success. 

7.  Celebrate your success each month i.e. Treat yourself to a foot massage. 


Repeat steps 2-6 each week until you are ready to add another step that supports your goal.  When you feel you have accomplished your goal, focus on another. 


Be gentle with yourself.  Resist the urge to be pressured into expecting immediate results.  Health is a life-long process.  


Do you feel that you need help in establishing wellness goals for 2015?  Let’s talk.  Schedule your FREE breakthrough session with me this week Click here. 

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Consider this: 

January is named for Janus, the ancient Roman term for keeper of the gate.  Do you have the code to get inside your gate?  To enter you must first create your own password.  Then, you can gain access to all the wonders of 2015.  We may revisit this topic periodically and check in with your intentions.  Have a wonderful start the New Year.

Love, peace and health,


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