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Lifestyle Coaching

Have you wondered how to take that first step towards your new life? You've read everything there is to read about becoming a new you but don't know how to begin.

This is no different to what I felt that first day I looked out at the world and realized I have an entire second half of my life to live. That's why I am here to help you grow your own garden, to explore the life you have always wanted but have been unable to enjoy. With me as your coach, you will learn how to step into your own power and achieve what your heart desires.

We will work to reinforce your status as a goddess on this earth, cutting past the negative thoughts and letting go of the things that sap your time and energy. Through your personalized program, we will create a new you, focused on a future that is filled with optimism and purpose. We will use my education as a health coach -- certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition -- to pinpoint the lifestyle management style that works best for you.

Your individual program will include two 50-minute sessions each month with email support between sessions; materials related to your pathway; food samples and self-care products to help transform your body; a subscription to our e-newsletters with tips and tricks towards a better you; and my personal commitment to your success.

In love and light,

T. Kari Mitchell

P.S. I also offer group sessions as well as customized workshops and retreats.

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It's the best first step to make towards your future.


Lifestyle 120 Classes and Coaching Programs

Sprout Your New Life 1:1 Coaching

  • Personalized coaching as you go through the course
  • Receive feedback and support on your workbook exercises
  • 24  fifteen-minute coaching sessions (one for each module)

Ageless Grace® Classes

  • Preventative maintenance sessions
  • Restorative sessions for seniors
  • Check out ongoing classes in your community

Nutrition Classes

  • Living food presentations
  • Nutritious beverage demonstrations
  • Allergy-friendly/gluten-free lifestyle presentations

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