Nature scene with fall colors and flowing stream

Create a Brilliant Environment: Call On Nature To Inspire Your Color Scheme

What can you do to lift your spirit, when you’re feeling a little blah?
If you’ve been reading my blog over the years, you probably think I’m going to advise you to prepare a nutritious snack, go for a walk, or call a trusted friend. While these suggestions can help bump you out of your slump, today I want to suggest another lifestyle solution: Add color to your personal space.

“Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always. I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one.” — Paul Klee

I enjoy different colors for various reasons and seasons. For example, I am empowered by purple. An accent of purple symbolizes my personal expression of spirituality and wisdom. Teal, orange, and garnet are three of my favorite choices for interior design, and I have these colors threaded throughout my living area. Choices in color are highly personal, and possess the potential to elevate your mood and lift your spirit.

“Nature always wears the color of the spirit.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

What colors inspire you?
Have you noticed that a double rainbow or a magnificent lavender field has the power to arouse your senses and spur creativity? If you haven’t considered how color can positively impact your life, I invite you to participate in an organic exploration…

Venture into nature, and create a brilliant color palette to spruce up your home environment.
• Get up early, position yourself on a comfortable, open spot and enjoy a sunrise. What colors appeal to you? The oranges. The reds. The mauves. The pinks. The yellows. The layers of landscape blending with the gradual progression of light unzipping the sky. Snap a photo or take notes. You may want to recreate this sunrise in your family room.

• During the winter, visit a wooded area after the first snow. What colors do you like? I don’t want to get too scientific here, but technically, black and white are shades, not colors. But I like to think of them as color choices, because I’ve seen them displayed in nature. So for the purposes of our activity, what winter colors enliven you? Ivory? Alabaster? Pewter? Raven? And the splash of evergreens dotting this magical canvas may cue you to tap these tones for your home.

• Visit the beach on a sunny, summer day and view the hues of wall-to-wall blues. And the tint of tans in the sand may present a grand plan for your bedroom decor. Allow the blues and browns to lull you into a deep sleep. Remain enthralled until nightfall, and notice how seaman navy and brick bronze break through more dramatic hues for you.

• Fall in love with autumn over and over again. Earth tones offer peace and tranquility for any space in your place. But if you’re looking for a sweet and appetizing array for your kitchen, fall for kaleidoscopic flavors like orange marmalade, raspberry jam, mustard yellow, spinach green, champagne pink and double mocha trifle. Seek colors that inspire gourmet dining.  

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” — Oscar Wilde

Unleash your imagination.
Establish a bond with the color palettes available in natural settings. You’ll know in your heart which ones are yours — the ones that promote joy and comfort. Once you’ve determined your fresh, new color scheme, plan a party, and invite guests to delight in the experience.

Consider This
You may have read a number of my posts on how colorful fruits and vegetables can improve your overall health. How can you add vibrant colors to other areas of your life? Are you ready to try a different shade of lipstick, enliven your wardrobe, and refresh your jewelry collection?

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to consider refreshing your home with a new color scheme.
• Begin by spending time in natural settings and observing how the various shades touch you energetically.
• How will reinventing your space with color inspire creativity?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.  

Need help creating an inspiring personal space?

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In love, peace and health--
Your feminine glow guide,

T. Kari Mitchell, M.Ed.
Motivational Speaker
Certified Holistic Health Coach

When your spirit is nourished, your inner light produces an outer glow reflecting your beauty and truth.