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Has anyone told you you're too old to live your dreams? Does negative self-talk keep you from doing the things you want to do in life? My holistic, spiritually-based empowerment program, Sprout Your New Life™, is for mature, seasoned women who want to chart a new course in the second half of their lives.
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Welcome! Thanks for visiting Lifestyle 120! Our mission is to inspire women over 60 to live their lives with zestful intention and evolve into the most amazing, dynamic women they were meant to be. Are you ready and willing to establish a Lifestyle 120 state of being?

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Exercise Must Be Enjoyable To Be Sustainable

Okay, let's be honest! How many times did you exercise within the last two weeks? If you can't think of an answer above zero, it's time to make exercising fun so you can reap the amazing benefits that moving your body has to offer. Find out 5 benefits of exercising and how to start "playing" today.

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Omega-3s from Seas and Trees

Can you name some health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids? One is they help protect against age-related mental decline. Learn about other health benefits and some easy ways to get omega-3s into your diet. You have many options...

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Capitalize on Your Assets

Do you sometimes succumb to negative mind chatter, thinking you're too old or you don't have what it takes to begin a new path? In order to remain vibrant, we must remain engaged, and that means being dedicated to continuous learning. Find out how and why age is actually an asset. 

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Drink your way to better health!

Drink your way to better health by replacing soda and other sugary drinks with these flavorful, easy-to-make recipes. Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family offers families one manageable lifestyle change that will improve overall health and well-being.

T. K.’s life dramatically changed after she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Determined to use this information to her advantage, she was successful in reversing several health challenges through dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions. As a certified holistic health coach, she is passionate about sharing the recipes that changed her life.

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