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Has anyone told you you're too old to live your dreams? Does negative self-talk keep you from doing the things you want to do in life? My holistic, spiritually-based empowerment program, Sprout Your New Life™, is for mature, seasoned women who want to chart a new course in the second half of their lives.
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Welcome! Thanks for visiting Lifestyle 120! Our mission is to inspire women over 60 to live their lives with zestful intention and evolve into the most amazing, dynamic women they were meant to be. Are you ready and willing to establish a Lifestyle 120 state of being?

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Get More When You Mentor

Are you bored? What if you could combat boredom and help others at the same time. Discover how sharing your expertise through mentoring offers many lifelong benefits.

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A Habit To Sleep By

Do you get a good night’s sleep? If you're not getting enough z's, you may be sleep deprived, which could put you at risk for health issues. Try this suggestion and see if it helps.

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Adding Clean Greens to Your Routine

Have you been wondering how to consistently incorporate more vegetables into your daily meals? Because this can be an overwhelming lifestyle change, today, let’s just focus on adding greens to your scheme. Here's how...

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Drink your way to better health!

Drink your way to better health by replacing soda and other sugary drinks with these flavorful, easy-to-make recipes. Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family offers families one manageable lifestyle change that will improve overall health and well-being.

T. K.’s life dramatically changed after she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Determined to use this information to her advantage, she was successful in reversing several health challenges through dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions. As a certified holistic health coach, she is passionate about sharing the recipes that changed her life.

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