Fund Your Purpose: Save More When You Cook More

Do your reinvention goals include saving money? Think about how your savings, cooking, and purpose can feed your personal power. If you want to save on food, think about preparing your own meals most of the time and decide to dine out once a week. You’ll delight over the extra cash in your stash. And a gratifying extra benefit is you’ll be supporting a healthier lifestyle. Check out a sustainable plan here...
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Woman adding money to piggy bank, grocery purchases on counter


One blue eye set within an eye chart

Optimize Your Optics — Tips for Refreshing Your Eyes

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Two older couples from different racial backgrounds having a conversation

Boost Your Brain Power — Learn A New Language

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Woman in a relaxing stance with earphones and hands raised above head

Music Can Inspire — Or Help You Retire

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Woman eating watermelon

How To Cut Calories — And Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

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A collage of healthy lifestyle habits

Feeling Blocked? Go From Constipated To Regular Naturally

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