Part 7: Lift Your Spirit — Color Your Plate! Support Healthy Aging With Blue And Purple Powerhouses

Are you getting enough blue and purple in your diet? The beautiful rich colors of your blue and purple fruits and veggies indicate that they’re bursting with flavonoids, which provide cell-protecting properties. Today, as part of our ongoing Purposeful Nutrition Series, let’s focus on the healing energy of the blue and purple powerhouses. What are the benefits of blue and purple fruits and vegetables, and how can you begin making them part of your spiritual practice? More here...
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Older woman holding a spoon of blueberries


Woman surrounded by plants holding a beverage and looking out the window

Grant Me The Courage And Wisdom To Change What I Can

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Four mature women joined together and smiling

Look To Your Spiritual Community For Personal Growth, Meaningful Relationships And Service Opportunities

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Group of seniors learning technology skills

Lifestyle And Lifelong Learning Support Brain Health As You Age

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Older woman confidently sporting an action hero costume

Summon Your Courage: What Would Your Life Be Like If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

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Nature scene with fall colors and flowing stream

Create a Brilliant Environment: Call On Nature To Inspire Your Color Scheme

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