Part 6: Lift Your Spirit — Support Healthy Aging By Adding Herbs & Spices To Your Plate — Try Turmeric

Our ongoing Purposeful Nutrition Series discusses ways to harness the energy of nature, draw it into our daily lives, and become one with it as we age. You can make every cell in your body glow through the divine energy offered by fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and herbs and spices. Eating a rainbow of colors will support your health goals. Today, let’s focus on the benefits of the herb and spice powerhouses, and indulge in our feature focus: Turmeric...
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Spoons filled with herbs and spices


Collage of active seniors

Stay On Your Toes: For Best Results Switch Up Your Weekly Fitness Routine

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Woman expressing delight while playing the keyboard

Up Your Energy To The Second Power — You Have A Say In Your Future

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Bowl of legumes

Part 5: Lift Your Spirit — Support Healthy Aging By Adding More Legumes To Your Plate — Try Chickpeas

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Group of men and women walking

Walk This Way: Add An Extra Dimension to Your Daily Walk For Full-Body Benefits

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Woman grooving to music on her phone

Good Morning! Start Your Day With A Motivational Song

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