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July 2015   

July greetings friends!

I pray that you are in good health and that your summer has been filled with memorable events.  Nourishing News is now seven months young. Thank you for your continued blessings and support.  If you know a friend or family member who could benefit from our health and wellness news, please share the love and light.  Click here to visit Lifestyle 120.


Ah, Independence!

Although we celebrated our nation’s 239th birthday on July 4, many will continue to express patriotism in various ways throughout the entire month.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a key phrase in the Declaration of Independence.  On a personal level, what does independence mean to you?

 As we collectively reflect on our citizenry and liberty, I invite you to also celebrate your unique qualities as an individual.  With all of life’s challenges, responsibilities, joys and accomplishments, remember to devote time to developing and expressing your authenticity.  We owe this to ourselves, our families and our communities!

Mitakuye Oyasin

Honor our forefathers!

 Mitakuye Oyasin, a traditional Lakota Sioux prayer of gratitude, means  “all my relations.”  The prayer acknowledges the interconnectedness with all forms of life and expresses appreciation and harmony.   

 I often pause, reflect and pledge allegiance to those who came before me.   I humble myself before my ancestors and pay tribute to them for sacrificing on my behalf.  The life, liberty and opportunities they were denied and for which they fought, I am able to enjoy today. 

 Free to Be You 

You have the personal freedom to make beneficial lifestyle changes.  Liberate yourself from the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from being your best self.

 Wellness requires more than eating nutritious foods and maintaining a fitness program.  Whole health also requires positive relationships, an enjoyable career and consistent spiritual practices.  If you don’t have a spiritual practice and would like to adopt one today, expressing gratitude is a wonderful placed to begin.


How are you doing with your 2015 intentions?  Remember when you were passionate about making lifestyle resolutions on January 1st?  Are you satisfied with the progress you’ve made in the last seven months?  Perhaps it’s time to recommit to your wellness goals.  You are free to explore a better you.  Schedule a complementary breakthrough session with me this week.  Click here to schedule an appointment.



Fresh from the Farm

 Enjoy the season by buying fresh, local produce.  Connect with your community by supporting family farmers who sell their fruits and vegetables at farmers markets in your area.  One of the benefits of fresh-from-the-farm produce is the produce is permitted to fully ripen before being brought to market.  Taste the difference!  



Nutritious Nuggets

 What to drink with dinner…

What you drink with dinner is just as important as what you eat for dinner.  Don’t sabotage your healthy dinner by paring it with a sugary, chemically-laden beverage.  Toast your evening with Basil Orange Infusion.  Get recipe by clicking here.



Sip the Garden 

My book signing on July 11 at Oasis Women’s Fitness & Spa was fun.  Besides autographing books, I blended two recipes:  Purple Passion and Frothy Grasshopper.  Comments from samplers included, “Yum, this tastes healthy!” and “This is really good.  I never considered putting lavender in my smoothie.”  One club member who tasted Purple Passion, bought the book, immediately returned home to blend another recipe, then called Oasis to say, “Thanks, this is just what I’ve been looking for.” 

 If you haven’t yet purchased your copy, consider adding Sip the Garden:  Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family on your list.  A big thank-you to Sally, Dina and Kelly for making this event possible.

Sip the Garden is in the news.

Click here to read the news article.


Upcoming Events 

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Your Space  

Do you have specific concerns?  What wellness topics would you like to see addressed in future mailings?  What are some of your biggest challenges concerning health and happiness?  Please take a moment to share your thoughts and interests by clicking on the Connect Tab.

Lifestyle 120

Consider this: 

July is National Ice Cream Month, an excuse to indulge in your favorite flavors!  However, if you have been cutting back on dairy products and want to try something different, consider a variety of non-dairy frozen dessert alternatives, like coconut ice cream and cashew or almond ice cream available at your local health food stores.  Taste and texture need not be compromised.  You will delight in these creamy, delicious substitutes.  Just remember, one serving at a time!

Love, peace and health,

 T. Kari Mitchell                                                                                                                            

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