My Health Journey

I have been health conscious most of my life, but each decade has presented new challenges, discoveries and insights on my journey to maintain lifelong wellness.

An Aha Moment…

I was transitioning from high school to college and battling acne when I became my own first client. Because the prescribed medication caused unpleasant side effects, I was steered into a whole new world, researching the benefits of herbs, supplements, and food combinations. After ceasing the medication and altering my diet, my skin cleared up within a few months! Thus, I became fascinated with nutrition and began experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients, juicing, and observing how simple changes positively affected my health.

Life-Changing Experience…

Besides a few minor turbulences, I was on a smooth sailing vacation until I hit menopause. Burdened with unexplained weight gain, elevated blood lipid levels, hormonal imbalance, and osteopenia, I was called to action, again. While I appreciate the advances of modern medicine, I did not want to live the rest of my life dependent on the prescription drugs my doctors were recommending before first exploring alternative measures and understanding the causes of my symptoms. Focused on healing, I initiated a personal campaign to find natural remedies for my new challenges.

Turning Point…

One series of tests revealed that some of my symptoms were related to undiagnosed food allergies—gluten, egg, and dairy to name a few (which explains some of the issues that kept nagging me throughout my earlier years). This shocking revelation required major lifestyle modifications.


Just six weeks after eliminating the common allergens, restructuring my plate, supplementing with new vitamin combinations, introducing naturopathic therapies, and incorporating weight training into my exercise routine, there were dramatic improvements in weight and lab test results. Osteopenia, however, took much longer to reverse—and required extra patience. I am grateful that my system is now in balance. What a blessing!

The Journey Continues…

I am a work in progress—forever evolving. As I journey up the path of my sixth decade, wellness remains a priority. I continue to stretch my culinary muscles by creating wholesome, delicious recipes for family and friends, substituting the common allergens with a variety of wonderful products available on the market today. Just as our bodies change over time, so do our nutritional needs. Let’s appreciate our built-in warning signals and stay tuned in to our system’s language. Without question, nutrition, lifestyle and an affirmative mindset significantly impact our overall health, happiness, and well-being.

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