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How To Cut Calories — And Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Repositioning yourself for greatness this year includes maintaining a healthy weight.
Raise your hand if you’d like to reduce your calorie intake and honor your wellness goals without giving up all your favorite foods. Well, I have a hack in my grocery sack that may be a game-changer for you.  

My solution is so basic, so easily sustainable that it may not seem like a hack at all.  It’s portion control, dear friend. That’s it!

I bet you’re already doing a lot of the right things...
Your plate consists mainly of plant-based selections. You’re drinking plenty of water. And you’ve cut back on processed foods. How am I doing so far? But when it comes to the not-so-good-for-you carbs, you tend to lose your head. I know — I’ve been there on many occasions. I love my carbs just as much as you do.

Those irresistible treats come looking for me when I don’t even have my welcome sign out. So what can you do?  
You practice portion control and favor healthier ingredients! For example, if you like breads slathered in creamy spreads, choose a more nutritious version that will satisfy your cravings. A densely packed whole-grain nut and seed loaf topped with a little coconut butter or olive oil will make you hum to the last crumb. But allow yourself one slice. Your choice supports your wellness plan, and your portion size defines your waistline. In this way, you haven’t deprived yourself of what you love, but you’ve made a conscious choice to honor your lifestyle goals. It’s all about mindfulness and intention.  

Another thing: Consider using smaller plates and reduced portions of other starchy foods like potatoes and pasta. And adhere to the packaging label for individual serving sizes. What we think are healthy portions don’t always match what the actual serving size is. Our portions are generally bigger! Remember: You’re not giving up — you’re cutting down.

But, I had to give up!  
I have many food allergies — egg, dairy and wheat flour, to name a few — all the ingredients required for traditional baking. But for the last fifteen years, I’ve invented my own yummy recipes using alternative ingredients that have my friends gushing over my creative culinary skills. My desserts, made with healthful ingredients and zero white table sugar, are craving crushers. But that doesn’t mean I’m free to bury my face in the cake plate. I still have to be mindful of portion control. But the good news is, I’m able to satisfy my sweet tooth in a more responsible way. Sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know when a new recipe is published.

Consider This
Portion control is not entirely about weight loss. Studies have shown that eating less can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, help control blood sugar, and promote longevity. Eating smaller portions will also make you feel light, energetic, and ready to accomplish the tasks that support this year’s reinvention plan.

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to control the amount of food you consume.
• Begin by being mindful of smart food choices and reducing your intake of starchy selections, while still enjoying your favorite items.
• How will reducing your portions help you feel more energetic throughout the day and support your wellness goals?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

Need help curbing calories?

It can be challenging to maintain momentum on your own.  My Sprout Your New Life™ course will give you the tools and the strong spiritual foundation to make lasting change in your life.  Click here for more.

In love, peace and health--
Your feminine glow guide,

T. Kari Mitchell, M.Ed.
Motivational Speaker
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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