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Part Two: What’s Required To Live Past 100?

In my last post, Part One of “What’s Required To Live Past 100?,” I shared a bit about my conversation with Dr. Joe Casciani, founder of the award-winning podcast, Living to 100 Club and provided a link to his shows to inspire you to be proactive about living your best life. I also showcased his book recommendation that supports my message about longevity: I Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation by Ilchi Lee.

In Part One, I talked about responsibility and how your thoughts, words, and actions determine your success. Today, I’d like to spotlight “taking action.” As I share more compelling ideas from Lee’s book, I encourage you to decide how you will move forward in creating your dynamic second half.

To recap, the driving theme behind Lee’s book is within the captivating title, “I’ve Decided.” People are living longer today, and there’s no guarantee that we will live to see 120, but deciding to live that long is what changes things. The proper mindset shapes our experiences. Lee says, “But by planning to live to be 120, we become stake holders in the future, and we can live with purpose and vision right up to our last day on earth.”

In order to glow and flow, you must practice seven key lifestyle elements.

I’ve transformed myself many times over the last 15 years and what I have learned is in order to increase your chances of living a long, fulfilling life, you must practice seven key lifestyle elements in order to grow and glow. Nourish your body with fresh, wholesome, vitamin-rich meals; establish a regular fitness routine; get proper sleep; create a comfortable and inspiring living space that’s free of clutter and toxicity; nurture healthy and meaningful relationships; generously give of yourself through community service; and pursue your interests and dreams. I believe that committing to these lifestyle components will promote health and wholeness, and enable you to lead a full life.

Lee discusses these elements throughout his book, using different terms. However, he magnifies the importance of physical fitness. He says, “Health is a springboard and shortcut to happiness and peace. Physical power is life. Physical power is proportional to your life force, improving your physical condition is the best way to extend your life force.” Are you surprised? Now you have yet another reason to commit to a sustainable exercise routine. I always advocate fun and variety. When you enjoy your move-more routine and look forward to your choices throughout the week, you will be more likely to keep your promise to yourself.

Further, Lee emphasizes that “scientific research shows that body and brain health do not deteriorate naturally with age. Rather, the rate of aging differs significantly from person to person, depending on how well we take care of ourselves.” Are you prepared to take my seven lifestyle components seriously. They put you in the driver’s seat.

Doesn’t it feel good to be in charge of your own destiny?

You’ve heard me talk about lifelong learning and how it helps to keep you sharp and relevant. Lee provides more food for thought based on research. He says, “Living a comfortable, easy, worry-free life isn’t what’s best for brain health. For the health of your brain, you need to raise its workload. It’s important not to leave your brain in its default state, doing what it’s always done, but instead constantly give it new tasks and stimulation.” I love this! You see, we must resist the temptation to succumb to complacency. Remain actively engaged in the learning process. Are you taking classes this term? Try to align your courses with your passions and purpose in life.

Additionally, Lee proposes three key elements for living a spiritual life. “The first is sustained self-cultivation, the second is Hongik — the sharing and giving of benevolence, and the third is being close to nature.” These elements emphasize continuous learning, giving back in a way that is authentic for you, and communing with nature. You’ve heard me say that nature is my spiritual supplement. Natural settings provide the perfect place for rest and meditation. I would definitely start here. If you’ve been wondering about the life you’re living, plant yourself in a garden. You may begin to sprout a new vision.

Lee’s anti-aging stance emphasizes that you can take charge of your physical health as you age.

Knowing that you “can” establishes an affirmative mindset about the possibility of affecting the future of other people, society and the planet. Get excited about what is next for you! Focus on self-care. Commit to sustainable lifestyle practices that create harmony in your life.

As I stated in Part One, if you create a lifestyle that brings balance to body, mind and spirit, will you be able to defy the limitations of the 100-year marker and possibly extend that trajectory to 120? Embrace a journey that defies age and limitations — one that’s filled with spark and possibility. Begin living your best life today!

Consider This
Again, I invite you to listen to Dr. Joe Casciani’s episodes and learn how to “turn aging on its head.” For starters, here’s the link to my episode, “Defying Limitations: How to Make Our Second Half the Better Half!”

Also, if you want to learn more about Ilchi Lee’s work and the Earth Village Project in New Zealand, visit his website here.

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to start living your best life.
• Begin by accepting responsibility for your second half.
• How will establishing a can-do mindset set you up for success?  
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.  

Need help establishing a comprehensive lifestyle protocol?

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