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Can Electronics Sabotage Your Sleep? Rest Your Head — Unplug Before Bed

Have you been tossing and turning at night? There could be any number of reasons why you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Perhaps it has something to do with your electronic devices.

In past posts, you’ve heard me talk about how adjusting the content and time of your evening meal can help you sleep more soundly, and how bathing and relaxation can prepare you for some serious Zs.

Today, I’d like to suggest another lifestyle change that will help you dewire before you retire. Prepare yourself for a restful night — unplug from your electronic devices one to two hours before bedtime.

Dewire before you retire. Here’s why that’s important…

Did you know that staring into your digital screen at night can sabotage your sleep? If you are playing video games, doing research or staring at your computer screen for other reasons right before bedtime, it may be difficult for you to ease into a good sleep.

That bluish light emanating from your device can delay the release of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. Reduced levels of melatonin make it difficult to fall asleep and to sleep soundly through the night. Find out more information about how electronics affect sleep at SleepFoundation.org.

There have been times when I did not heed my own advice and paid the price by cheating sleep over my device. Sleep is essential to our overall health and well-being. And if you are serious about repurposing your life this year, turn off your smartphone, computer, TV and other electronic faves a few hours before you hit the sack so you can increase your chances of rising refreshed each morning.

Practice healthy habits that will enhance sleep quality. Create a plan for when you unplug in the evening. Listen to soft music, read an inspirational message, compose a gratitude note, and enjoy a cup of herbal tea. You need your rest to be your best. Unplug, reset and surrender to sweet sleep.

Consider This
Your bedroom is your sacred sanctuary. Keeping it fresh and free of clutter and electronic devices will help you remain balanced and enable you to tap into your inner power.

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to unplug from electronic devices a few hours before bedtime.
• Begin by setting the stage for rest and relaxation. Cozy up to soft music, your gratitude journal, and a cup of decaf tea.
• How will turning off your smartphone, computer and e-book help you unwind and improve your chances of feeling well-rested in the morning?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

Need help ditching the device?

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In love, peace and health--
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