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Go Fund Your Purpose: An Investment Strategy For Building Your Dream

Imagine you were gifted $1200 to invest in your life’s purpose. How would you spend it?

Pack your bags and attend that spiritual retreat in the mountains. Enroll in an advanced degree program. Improve your image by refreshing your wardrobe so you’ll be ready for upcoming presentations. Hire a professional website builder to construct your first website. There are many options, right?

You’re probably waiting for me to lead you to your gift. Here’s how to make arrangements to collect your $1200. All you need is patience, discipline and a small deposit at the beginning of the week.  

Every Sunday, set aside $25 in a safe place. Do you have a savings account? This is one way to put your money to work. While your money is earning interest (albeit, not a lot) you won’t be as tempted to spend it.

Where is the money going to come from?  
Your unused expenses and untapped resources! For example, you may not be driving as much these days, so that’s your gas money. And you most likely haven’t enjoyed your season tickets to concerts or live theatre since the pandemic. Where is all that entertainment money now? And remember how you and your besties used to meet for lunch and then go shopping afterwards? Well, you probably haven’t had a desire to stroll through the mall recently, looking for something exquisite to buy. Still challenged to locate your twenty-five bucks? Write yourself a check — every Sunday! This is a sneaky way to accumulate dough, and a clever and rewarding short-term investment strategy!  

At first, you may feel like you’re just transferring funds from one kitty to another. Sometimes, that’s how you successfully cushion your coffer. After the first few weeks of collecting your bills, you’re going to feel really good because you now have a purpose — a specific personal enrichment goal in mind. Don’t be surprised if you’ll want to throw in a little extra from time to time. But don’t count your savings until your note is due!

Here’s where patience and discipline register.
Let’s do the math. At $25 a week, how long will it take to collect your $1200 “certificate?” About one year. Twenty-five a week is about one hundred a month, and 100 X 12 = ____.  But I suggest that you not think about the time factor — just mark your calendar when you start and keep your promise. Remit your funds to safekeeping and forget about it. Have you noticed how the months have been flying? Just think how you’re going to feel when you count your greenbacks. I can see you beaming now! That $1200 will make you feel prosperous and accomplished because you achieved your goal. Now decide how you’re going to use it to support your life’s dream.  

Consider This
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Today’s exercise may motivate you to begin a serious savings strategy. Check out related books, magazines and other resources. Begin with Kiplinger.com. And consider consulting with a financial advisor or wealth manager for a customized plan that suits your individual needs.  

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Today, set a loving intention to start saving to fund your life’s purpose.
• Begin by putting aside $25 a week.
• How will investing in a personal objective make you feel prosperous and accomplished?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

Need help with investment strategies?

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