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A business logo is a graphic design that visually displays the company’s message and supports its name and products.


During my rebranding process, I imagined a logo that would capture my new vision for building an empowering community of spiritually conscious women embarking on a rewarding and fulfilling midlife journey. I wanted something special—a design that would reflect my current mission, represent my new purpose and give Lifestyle 120 a fresh feel.  I am delighted with the design that my talented team at One Complete Business (1CB) created—not only does my new logo represent my brand, but it’s also an extension of who I am:  a forever-expanding individual.

Lifestyle 120 teal rose.
New Lifestyle 120 logo

The Feminine Silhouette

The profile represents you and me:  the evolving woman, the divine feminine—the seasoned, mature modern-day goddess.  

The Rose

The rose is a metaphor for many things, but what resonates with me the most is how the rose inspires love, passion, hope and new beginnings.  And its thorns signify challenges that are placed on our paths, to encourage the strength required to grow and unfold into our magnificent splendor.

Each petal represents your distinct characteristics—the unique complexities that make you, you.  The fully bloomed rose symbolizes your potential—all you can become.  No two will ever be identical, because there will never be anyone like you.  

Deep within, we possess the power to begin cultivating the life, or rose, if you will, that we desire.  Our thoughts, words and actions will determine our success.  

The Palette

Primary Colors:  Purple and Teal

Many powerful, energetic attributes are associated with purple.  The ones directly related to our program are wisdom, prosperity, power, femininity and spirituality—personal qualities that are strengthened in our online programming.  Examples of the positive energy surrounding teal or turquoise are intuition, sophistication, wholeness, femininity, emotional balance, and peace—all imbedded concepts in our curriculum.

Secondary Colors:  Green, Orange and Magenta  

If you participate in our online course, you’ll recognize the subtle shades of green, orange and magenta.  Some qualities generated by green are fertility, growth and harmony—concepts that are directly tied to our program title of sprouting a new life.  Orange inspires health, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and success—essential tenets of our programming.  And magenta conveys harmony and balance—two of our program outcomes.

When all the colors commingle, they produce a rich tapestry of transformation and empowerment!

Lifestyle 120

Lifestyle 120, our company name, represents a journey that defies age and limitations—one that’s filled with spark and possibility.  My new vision is about raising feminine consciousness by creating a global community of spiritually awakened women who want to live a long, satisfying life and make a powerful statement in the world.  

Do you want to create a life that brings balance to your body, mind and spirit?  Do you want to defy the limitations of the 90- to 100-year marker—possibly extending your life experience to 120—and be vibrantly healthy when you get there?  Continue reading…

Sprout Your New Life™

The Sprout Your New Life™ online, spiritually based curriculum is specifically designed to empower seasoned, mature women to overcome their struggles around achieving health and happiness so they can flourish in their golden years.  Do you know someone who is ready to awaken to her true potential and create a life that’s aligned with her Divine purpose?  Learn more about our Sprout Your New Life™ program by clicking here.

Consider This

Are your lifestyle choices restricting your flow?  What hidden blocks are holding you back from being your best self?  Discover new pathways so you can reclaim your health, confidence, purpose and power, during this critical season in your life.

Your Space

Do you have specific lifestyle concerns?  What wellness topics would you like to see addressed in future mailings?  What are some of your biggest challenges concerning health and happiness?  Please take a moment to share your thoughts and interests by clicking Contact

It can be challenging to achieve the level of success you desire on your own.  As a holistic health and wellness advocate, author, workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker, I would be happy to schedule a talk for your group or organization about the interconnectedness of wellness, spirituality and success.  To learn more about Lifestyle 120™ and our Sprout Your New Life™ program, click here.

When your spirit is nourished, your inner light produces an outer glow reflecting your beauty and truth.

In love, peace and health,

T. Kari Mitchell, M. Ed

Motivational Speaker

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Aromatherapist

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