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Optimize Your Optics — Tips for Refreshing Your Eyes

How’s your fitness regimen going?

Movement will definitely help to keep you energized as you continue to make those transformational pivots this year, but did you know that your eyes should also be included in your fitness regimen?

While committing to a daily fitness protocol is beneficial to your entire body, many people don’t think about exercising their eyes. Whether you’re lifting weights, enjoying yoga asanas, or playing sports, the muscles in your eyes may not be getting the same attention as other muscles in your body. And some hobbies and occupations can cause undue strain on your precious optical organ. Eating wholesome, vitamin-rich meals supports eye health, but exercises that target your eyes specifically can also help promote eye health.

These four tips may help diminish the symptoms of eye problems and keep your eyes refreshed.  
--Trace large, imaginary geometric shapes with your eyes and then switch directions. Begin with circles.
--Pull your eyes down to the bottom left corner and hold for a few seconds. Continue with the other three corners.
--If you’re doing close-up work for more than 20 minutes, look away for a few seconds, and focus on other objects at a distance in your room.
--Most of us are glued to our electronic devices, and digital eyestrain has become a common concern. My ophthalmologist knows I stare into my computer screen a lot these days, due to my business. At my last appointment, he suggested that when I’m on the computer for extended amounts of time or doing excessive close-up work, I should stop periodically and take a visual break by following this sequence: Close — squeeze — blink a few times — relax — repeat five times.

Sometimes we need to close our eyes to see better.

I’ve been exercising my eyes for decades because my first optometrist told me that certain movements may help to improve my vision. I’m nearsighted and need glasses for distance, especially when driving, and my prescription has remained the same for as long as I can remember. Vision stability seems like a good thing. But surprisingly, five years ago, my ophthalmologist shared better news: My prescription needed to be reduced. Perhaps the reason rests with my diet and overall lifestyle. Or maybe it’s my eye exercises. Although I’m not certain, it’s probably a combination of things. And I intend to continue my routine.

Chronic diseases can take a toll on your eye health. That’s why committing to a lifestyle that promotes wellness will help to keep your eyes healthy as well. And don’t forget: Be sure to schedule regular checkups with your eye doctor.

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In this post, I’ve offered a few ideas to help refresh your eyes and maintain eye health. If you want more tips and techniques, please check out this article on

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish  
• Set a loving intention to protect your eye health through lifestyle interventions, like nutrition and exercise.
• When doing digital and close-up work, periodically take eye exercise breaks.
• How will healthy and refreshed eyes help you to perform your tasks better?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

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