Striking The Right Notes: Music To Help You Relax & Unwind

There are a variety of ways to relax:  Spending time in nature, practicing yoga, meditating or reading a book.  I’d like to promote another tool that aids in relaxation and has provided me with peace and tranquility over the years—soft, inspiring music.

Did you know that music boasts therapeutic benefits?    
Yes, it can become your healing potion.  Music has been prescribed to improve the body’s immune system, treat pain and reduce stress.  Music touches the heart and soul.  Why?  Because it powerfully influences our emotions and has the ability to release dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the body.

The selections I’m going to share with you today have been resting in my queue for more than a decade.  They are my favorite meditative pieces that lull me into a harmonious state.

Sacred Circle by Runestone ranks high on my list.  I listen to it just about every day—sometimes in the morning before rising or in the evening.  My favorite selections are “Gateway to an Ancient World,” “The Sentient Forest,” “The Well of Secrets,” “Lunar Invocation,” and “Dawn of Enlightenment.”  The seductive titles evoke my senses and beckon me to a place of peaceful pleasures.

Another album is A Place in the Sun by the gifted pianist Ann Sweeten. Her music never fails to sweeten my space.  The selections provide inspiration for my writing sessions.  I’ll often click on the first piece, collect my thoughts and begin composing.  Her melodies seem to be in sync with my writing rhythm, which allows my ideas to flow freely.  By the time the last piece starts, I’ve completed my draft.

Are you familiar with the harpist Georgia Kelly?  If you were to compare her style to expensive fabric, you’d get cashmere interwoven with colorful silk threads—delicate and luxurious. Check out her Gardens of the Sun album when you are ready to chillax.  Other artists are featured on this particular album, which adds exquisite texture. Notice how guitar and flute elegantly complement the harp.  Other albums by Georgia Kelly are just as wonderful.  

A few more suggestions:  Listen to Spirit Romance by flutist Gary Stroutsos and pianist David Lanz.  Click on “Between Worlds” and “Blue Largo” first. These two may motivate you to take breaks throughout the day.  And lastly, Whisperings, a collection by pianist David Nevue, is light and soothing.  Start with “While the Tree Sleeps,” and ease yourself to peace. These two albums are well suited for my category of multipurpose relaxation music—good for dining, bathing or just lounging.

Music choices are highly personal.  Tastes in music are as diverse as tastes in food.  Queue up your playlist with pieces that suit your senses and simply tap on your device when you’re ready to relax.  Allow music to become your healing potion.  

Consider This
It may be fun to arrange your music by activities or events.  For example I enjoy R & B, soul, and rock & roll when I’m doing housework.  And I’ll spin jazz and blues for my pensive moods.  Be inspired for all occasions.

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to incorporate inspirational music into your daily relaxation routine.
• Begin by downloading favorite pieces that help you to unwind.
• How will listening to soothing music at set times throughout the day help to reduce stress and promote rest?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

Need help establishing a relaxation ritual?

It can be challenging to maintain momentum on your own.  My Sprout Your New Life™ course will give you the tools and the strong spiritual foundation to make lasting change in your life.  Click here for more.

In love, peace and health--
Your feminine glow guide,

T. Kari Mitchell, M.Ed.
Motivational Speaker
Certified Holistic Health Coach

When your spirit is nourished, your inner light produces an outer glow reflecting your beauty and truth.

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