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Undress Your Stress: Benefits of Bathing Before Bed

Rededicating your life to excellence can be mentally and physically demanding. You’ll get there, but you must remember to be good to yourself and enjoy plenty of me-time.

Do you have a relaxation ritual for the end of a long day? I’d like to share a simple solution that can melt the tension from your entire body and have you floating peacefully for the rest of the evening: Take a long relaxing soak in your bathtub.

Shower vs Bath

Many prefer showering to bathing because it seems quicker and more convenient for daily hygiene. Sometimes I get so busy with my daily agenda that I forget to take advantage of the benefits of bathing. But relaxing in a warm tub of water in the evening offers benefits beyond just getting cleaned up.  

Not only does bathing wash off the stress from the day and freshen up your mood, it has scientifically proven health benefits, as well. It can relieve muscle and joint pain, improve heart health, relieve congestion, and soothe irritated skin. Also, bathing is great for your immune system. You see, your immune system works best when your body is at rest, and a soothing soak promotes relaxation. Bathing is definitely a body, mind and spirit experience.

Let me help you set the stage for a relaxing soak so you can reap multiple therapeutic benefits.

• Place a few candles in a safe area of the bathroom and dim the lights.
• Turn on some soft music.
• Add a few drops of essential oil to your diffuser. Lavender essential oil promotes rest and relaxation.
• Mix ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of epsom salt together, then add your mixture to a warm tub of water. Baking soda and epsom salt have detoxifying properties, help to soothe and exfoliate the skin, relieve sore muscles and stimulate circulation.
• Savor your relaxing soak for 15-30 minutes.

Ahhh! Doesn’t that sound delicious? When you’re done with your specially prepared evening bath, slip into your favorite loungewear, prepare a cup of herbal tea, and cozy up to a good book. But be warned! You probably won’t be able to keep your eyes open past the first few pages. Pleasant dreams!

Consider This  
Before I take my evening bath, I like to have all my tasks completed. Make sure to finish the dishes, take the dog for a walk, turn off electronic devices, and so forth.  You don’t want to ruin the positive effect of your sumptuous bath by engaging in distracting and potentially stressful activities.

Four Steps to Nourish, Transform and Flourish
• Set a loving intention to pamper yourself with a warm, cleansing bath this week.
• Begin by acknowledging the therapeutic benefits of bathing.
• How will bathing help you to relax and harmonize your body, mind and spirit?
• Close your eyes and visualize how this lifestyle change can prepare you for your amazing second half.

Need help planning your daily relaxation rituals?

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In love, peace and health--
Your feminine glow guide,

T. Kari Mitchell, M.Ed.
Motivational Speaker
Certified Holistic Health Coach

When your spirit is nourished, your inner light produces an outer glow reflecting your beauty and truth.