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August 2015   

September greetings, friends!

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Stand Tall as You Transition into Fall

The autumnal equinox marking the transition from summer to fall arrived on September 23. 

Fall is such a lovely season.  Another reason to celebrate life!  Watch closely.  If you are fortunate to live in a state that paints vibrant, kaleidoscopic shades during autumn, savor every day, for this spectacular performance is only a brief interlude.  Not much color going on where you live?  Now is the perfect time to make reservations for that weekend getaway you’ve been promising yourself.  Visit the Midwest or New England states for the fall foliage display and delight your senses.

As the temperatures begin to cool and the season turns a new leaf, be mindful of personal shifts—subtle changes in the way you feel— and make necessary adjustments to remain strong, healthy and balanced.  Consider this a fresh, new season to make a fresh, new start.  Your transition into fall should be soft and easy, like the falling leaves in the breeze.

One way to remain in harmony with nature is to eat seasonally.  Pay attention to the produce that’s plentiful this time of year.  When produce is in season, it tends to be less expensive.  Watch for the October Newsletter for more information on using the seasons to stay balanced.


Sit Smart

Don’t be a slouch—stand grand and sit pretty!

 Did you know that there’s a connection associated with posture, purpose and health?  When we’re sitting up nice and straight, we seem to feel better and can attend to tasks for longer periods of time.

 My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Redmond, was a strict disciplinarian.  She expected the best from her students and if they did not measure up, they were obliged to pay the price.  I recall the yardstick events.  If you were slouching in your chair or resting your head on the desk, you’d “wear” the yardstick inside the back of your shirt that day.  A memorable experience for some.  Mrs. Redmond made a strong statement about her expectations, determined that her students would exhibit model posture and exemplary behavior for life!

Like anything else, good posture takes practice before it becomes habit.  And it’s never too late—you can begin today.  Start with a comfortable chair.  Scoot your butt to the back of the chair, pull up your upper body to an erect position (imagining a yardstick attached to your spine) and breathe.  Now, don’t you feel more prepared to tackle that project?

Of course, proper posture does not begin and end at the desk.  Be conscious of how you’re walking to your car and standing at the checkout counter.  Pretend you are a marionette, and someone is pulling the string at the top of your head.  That’s it!  Roll back your shoulders, lift your head and proudly strut your stuff!  My Pilates instructor, Mary, encouraged her students to walk as if they were displaying a precious jewel positioned in the middle of the collarbone.  Walk tall!

What are the benefits of proper posture?

Good posture…

Facilitates breathing

Boosts concentration

Increases blood flow

Elevates self-image

Keeps spine in alignment

Prevents muscle fatigue

Relieves back pain

Enhances appearance


With so many positive advantages to good posture, swear on your health to slump less.

 There is power in proper posture!

How are you doing with your 2015 intentions?  Do you require support with your wellness goals as you transition to the new season?  Schedule a complementary breakthrough session with me this week.  Click here to schedule an appointment.


Apple-picking time is here!  Check out an apple orchard in your area and invite friends and family for a fun-filled outing.  Once you deposit your bag in the pantry, you’ll be ready to prepare old-time favorites:  apple pie, applesauce, apple juice… Besides the usual and expected, try something different with your fresh picks.  See recipe below.


Nutritious Nuggets


Chopped Apple Trio


The fresh picks from your apple-picking outing deserve a creative recipe.  Chopped Apple Trio, a crunchy, delectable side, may be just what your taste buds ordered. Click here for recipe.




Sip the Garden 

Are you looking for a unique and colorful gift idea?  Surprise a friend with a copy of Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family.  Click here for more information.




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On Tuesdays, I will be facilitating Ageless Grace® classes at WellBeingMD, The Center for Life. 

On October 1, I will be presenting "Sugar Blues Revenge," a workshop on sugar release, at Indian Prairie Public Library. 

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“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”—Bernard Baruch

Pause.  Observe.  Listen.  Inquire.  Inspire.

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