Lifestyle And Lifelong Learning Support Brain Health As You Age

Cognitive decline is NOT inevitable! We know that following a healthy lifestyle will support cognition as you age. However, today I want to dive a little deeper and offer some suggestions to remind you that there are conscious decisions you can make to help your brain remain agile during your golden years. Find out about “Focus on Brain Health,” an AARP article and the Staying Sharp Program here. Also, learn nine ways to regularly challenge your brain. There’s a lot you can do right now to improve brainpower...
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Group of seniors learning technology skills


Bowl of legumes

Part 5: Lift Your Spirit — Support Healthy Aging By Adding More Legumes To Your Plate — Try Chickpeas

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Group of men and women walking

Walk This Way: Add An Extra Dimension to Your Daily Walk For Full-Body Benefits

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Woman grooving to music on her phone

Good Morning! Start Your Day With A Motivational Song

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Three mature women laughing

Write Your Own Life Script Showcasing Your Unique Talents

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Collage of red fruits and vegetables

Part 4: Lift Your Spirit — Color Your Plate! Support Healthy Aging With Red Powerhouses

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